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Nutritional Coaching Packages

4-PACK $500, 6-PACK $750, 12-PACK $1,200

A convenient introduction and great gift package of nutritional coaching:

Creating transformation through nutrition is best accomplished with commitment and practice. Following are a series of coaching packages that offer a discount and allow you to make a pledge to yourself or others which is a powerful way to support your and others well-being.

The Nutrition Planner offers an INITIAL EVALUATION where we will take an in depth look at many of your daily practices. Once this important baseline is evaluated, we help you clearly define your health and nutritional goals, and identify lifestyle habits and eating behaviors that require change. A general support strategy will be created uniquely for you to initiate the path towards achieving your goals and objectives.

The initial evaluation is 60 minutes.

SUPPORT SESSIONS include on-going support and reinforcement for your nutritional habits after your Initial Nutritional Coaching is designed to help you actualize the changes necessary to get to the next level of wellness. With on-going guidance and coaching, you will further learn the basics of your personal nutritional needs and how to support them in your daily life. Under the watchful eyes of our coaches, your nutritional strategy will be continuously assessed and revised to best support your wellness goals to accelerate your commitment and success. 

Each session is 45 minutes.


Nutritional Coaching 4-PACK:          

Includes 1 Initial Evaluation +   3 Support Sessions          

Your Total Cost   –    $   500

Nutritional Coaching 6-PACK:          

Includes 1 Initial Evaluation +   5 Support Sessions          

Your Total Cost   –    $   750


Nutritional Coaching 12-PACK:       

Includes 1 Initial Evaluation + 11 Support Sessions          

Your Total Cost   –    $1,200


The initial evaluation is 60 minutes and each support session is 45 minutes.


You will receive an itemized Superbill from The Nutrition Planner reflecting Medical Nutrition Therapy rendered services including IDC codes that apply.  This Superbill can be submitted to your insurance provider if qualified for possible reimbursement for Medical Nutrition Therapy services. The Nutrition Planner cannot guarantee or provide reimbursement amounts.

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