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Anti-Ox – Why do I need this too??

Oh no, not another supplement!! Yes, you need to take your Antioxidant; remember that commitment you made to be as healthy as can be, the new you, and living your best life?

Antioxidants are your ally in the fight against disease. Keep in mind you are eating much less food than before and you must protect your precious body from free radicals and oxidation. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals which start chain reactions that damage cells. Supplements can provide extra support with a good diet and fill nutritional gaps when diet falls short of nutrition recommendations.

By taking your daily does of Antioxidants you can help block free radicals in your body, prevent or repair damage in body cells, and improve your immune function as well as lower your risk of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Did you ever think of yourself rusting? I bet not, however our bodies oxidize and by utilizing Antioxidants our bodies are able to start to terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions by being oxidized themselves. Is this too much information? Well who has not seen the Terminator? Just imagine that movie and you can visualize how Antioxidants is working for your body!

Antioxidants help protect us from aging, improves metabolism, increases insulin sensitivity, reduces appetite, decreases fat accumulation and increase lean muscle mass, protects the brain and nervous system and increase energy levels, now tell me, who doesn’t need this!

So there, are you convinced you are getting all that protection. In my mind that is a bang for your buck!

For more information please contact Michelle at or call Michelle Stewart Consulting and Associates @ 954.547.5382.


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