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Plan Ahead to Survive House Arrest

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

We all started out with big plans, a to-do list and resolutions for the New Year. We are a few days into the year and one thing that is constant year to year is plans may have to change. And that is what so many of my clients are looking at as Mother Nature is spreading cold and, in some areas, frigid temperatures, and precipitation during the first week of the year. Somehow when those winds of winter blow our way, we like to ease into it gradually. Ma Nature usually has a different idea. As you adjust your plans and hunker down, braving the elements for essential outside activities, here are a few suggestions that can help turn lemons into lemonade with the challenges of bad weather.

Be prepared -there is a lot to be said about this scout motto. Don’t wait until severe weather is imminent to check supplies for your home and car. When winter arrives, outfit your car with an emergency box that includes a blanket, extra gloves, jumper cables, kitty litter or sand, lantern or flashlight, batteries and a cell phone charger. In addition, make sure you have a snow shovel, ice scraper snow brush, and bottled water.

Now if you need to stock up as the weather arrives in your area, try to do so as soon as possible because there are plenty of other folks who will need to stock up too.

Inventory your needs at home too. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have dry wood on hand. If your heating system requires filters—pick up extra to have on hand as needed. Make sure you have batteries, a lantern or flashlight and they are easily accessible. Stock up on canned goods with e-z open tops and make sure you have an easy to find non-electric can opener. Pick up crackers, peanut butter, and bottled water. If you can, try to have carrots, apples or bananas on hand; pair the produce with peanut butter for high energy snacks. Keep disposable forks, knives and spoons along with plates or bowls in the pantry too.

Cabin fever can afflict the best of us. Keep board games, books or puzzles on-hand. Exercise is a great way to combat in-house blues during inclement weather. Keep a library of exercise videos on the ready, right alongside your favorite movies or television shows. Fifteen to 20 minutes of active exercise will boost your energy, contribute to a more positive outlook, and reduce the stress that is often paired with several days of “house arrest.”

Look on the bright side when the best laid plans for the beginning of the year take an unexpected turn. Use the time to purge and organize paperwork and personal goals for a positive start of the year. You may not get to do all the tasks that you imagined, but with pre-planning and an optimistic look toward making adjustments, several days in the house can easily become a good way to start fresh in the New Year.

Take Away: Fair weather days are generally our preference. Pre-planning helps ensure that weather issues that create “house arrest” can be positive and enjoyable.

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