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Food Gifts for a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

When selecting gifts savvy shoppers have mastered the art of choosing the perfect gift—that’s the one the recipients will feel were chosen expressly for them. Anyone can upgrade their gifting skills—it is simply a matter of tapping into our senses and using your eyes and ears to learn what folks are most interested in and pairing an edible gift with those interests. It is also important to listen carefully or do a little research to make sure the food you choose is not something they may have an aversion or allergy to.

With good nutrition and living well as goals, there is a cornucopia of foodtuffs to choose from when putting together food gifts. Following are my top suggestions to help keep friends and family with varied interests on the right track for a healthy lifestyle.

For the Sports Fan–Pair sports team hats, t-shirts or mugs with stadium-style foods. Pretzels and mustard, trail mix, lean low-fat frankfurters or smoked turkey kielbasa, lite beer from a local microbrewery. Movie Fan–Gift card or passes to the local theatre, gift-tin of air-popped pop corn, chocolate covered raisins or dried cherries packed in theatre-ready zip-top snack bags. Add a travel-size bottle of hand-sanitizer or individually packaged moist towellettes to keep hands clean. Food Enthusiast–Assorted whole-grain artesian breads with low-fat cheese, goat cheese, or hummus.

o Decorated canister or basket of assorted lentils or beans with attached recipes. o Canister of flavored roasted nuts. o Assorted bittersweet chocolate along with a beribboned bottle or split of a strong fruity wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel. Attach a note with info on pairing semi-sweet or milk chocolate with wine.

Breakfast Enthusiast–Whole grain banana quick bread, granola, basket of Greek-style low-fat yogurt and assorted seasonal fresh fruits, flavored coffee and single-serve bottled water or juice. Book Worm–Pen light for late night reading, bookmark, single serve teacup and assorted green tea. Student Athlete–I-Pod gift card, gift tin of oatmeal-raisin cookies, dried pineapple, mango, apples or cranberries, dry-roasted peanuts, and an assortment of single-serve 100% fruit juices.

Giving the gift of food can be an easy out in solving a gift dilemma, however when paired with special interests and healthier food options, you’re sharing with the recipient how special they are. You’ve planned a gift expressly for them, focusing on their enjoyment, relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Take Away: I hope the above suggestions will give you a head start on innovative ideas for gift-giving. Just focus on the interests of the gift recipient and food options for a healthy lifestyle.

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