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Travel Is A Trip—Take Health Goals on the Road

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Travel is a tremendous experience which can be exciting, enriching, and exasperating. And sometimes the challenge of getting to the destination can totally blow your efforts to focus on a healthy lifestyle. As my clients share their travel plans with me, we talk about eating well wherever they are going. However, getting there can be a route filled with detours from the wholesome lifestyle plan when you find yourself delayed due to transportation challenges beyond your control.

Once you’ve selected a destination and decided how you’re traveling think about your eating plan. Are you hitting the road pre-dawn, midday or evening? Your travel hours will definitely affect your eating plans and appetite. Whenever you are leaving your home base, make sure you have eaten something. This will start your trip focused on healthy eating and help you cut back on anxiety eating.

The best laid plans can develop a few kinks creating anxiety. Between the curbside arrivals, security screening, and departure gate wait, there are plenty of temptations to eat nonstop through the terminal or station. In an effort to opt out of overindulging on tempting food court offerings, the following travel tips will help you stay on track.

Bring Your Own:

Security checks now ban liquids, semi liquid or gel-like foods from being carried beyond the security checkpoints, however you can carry fruit such as an apple, orange, banana or frozen grapes. Snack-size plastic zip-top bags of popcorn, nuts or pretzels or peanut butter filled crackers are allowed.

Choose Wisely:

Once you are in the concourse headed to the departure gate or track, look for food vendors that offer items such as green or grain salads, fresh vegetable-hummus snacks, Greek-style yogurt or fruit. Aim for protein-rich items such as chicken or tuna salad, lean meats such as turkey or chicken, or lentil soups. Protein items will stave off hunger for a longer period of time than high-carbohydrate choices.

Stay Hydrated:

Try to avoid excessive caffeine and high sugar beverages. Too much caffeine and sugar can contribute to dehydration. Minimize alcohol and drink plenty of water. Although security bans liquids, a frozen bottle of water is permissible. You can also bring an empty bottle and fill it with water from the water fountain, once you clear the security screening area.

An App for That:

There are several apps for mobile devices that will allow you to check out where to eat and the menu available. Some of the apps will allow you to place your order in advance and pick it up on the way to the departure point.

Move that Body:

Exercise is always important, and in most instances travel from the curb to your departure gate will enable you to log plenty of steps. If you want to track the actual numbers, there is an app for that too. On a recent trip when circumstances created an unscheduled lengthy stay in the airport—I logged more than three miles.

Transportation hubs now offer an array of food options beyond the hotdog with assorted condiments. Whether your route is planned, or you have an unscheduled layover, you can stay on the road to good health with a little pre-planning and best picks for wholesome eating.

Take Away: Choose foods wisely when traveling. Today there are plenty of options to avoid slipping back to poor eating habits.

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